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LP&A worked closely with the CEO and staff at a large municipal government, providing strategic changes to its post-bankruptcy restructuring plan and drafting a powerful speech for the CEO in support of the plan. Although early indications were that the decision-making body was split on the proposal, following the speech, it received unanimous approval.

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LP&A worked quickly with local media to correct sensational misreporting of a fatal stabbing that occurred at a major new shopping mall at the start of the pivotal holiday shopping season. We then worked with local police to convince the media how safe our client’s mall – and all of the area’s malls – are, making the cash registers ring.

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Shortly after a scandal rocked a large retail water district, a private water company petitioned LAFCO to approve a buyout of the district. LP&A’s strategy turned the scandal into a positive message for the need to maintain local control, and our direct mailers hitting on the higher costs charged by private water companies brought big crowds to the public hearing, leading to a LAFCO decision against the takeover.

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When a dismissed restaurant employee spread the story that he was let go because he was wearing a “Livestrong” cancer-support bracelet, a media swarm ensued and local store sales plummeted. We quickly learned that the restaurant chain is a long-time supporter of various cancer-related causes, so our strategy called for the chain’s owner to meet personally with the former employee and his family and make a donation to the cancer charity they endorsed. The resulting favorable publicity quickly brought sales back.

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The media had a great story when shifting hillside soils forced the evacuation of some apartment buildings during the holidays – with the complex’s management company as the whipping boy. When two more units started sliding, LP&A was called in. We focused the media on the science of shifting soils, and gave special care to the tenants, communicating safety issues and the relocation process, staffing an on-site info center, and even helping load boxes. The media loved it and the coverage turned completely around.

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A combination of unforeseen circumstances left a Southern California water district’s water supply with dangerously high nitrate levels. LP&A quickly met with the media, sent mailers, scripted an automated call to customers and organized bottled water stations – helping the district get through the crisis without lasting effect.

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LP&A had only three days to spread the word when the pipeline delivering the majority of a major water district’s supply had to be shut off. Our outreach and aggressive media push resulted in a 60 percent reduction in water use among the district’s customers during the week-long summertime interruption.

Get me though a crisis situation.

An aggressive reporter. An attorney after a big reward. Even an honest error by a good employee. All can cause a crisis that can hurt the bottom-line and tarnish good will.

Your safety net is having Laer Pearce’s fire-tested crisis expertise in your corner, so you can:

STOP IT BEFORE IT STARTS - PLAN & ANTICIPATE. Many crises can be avoided if you find your vulnerabilities and correct them.

TRAIN DEEP, TRAIN OFTEN - Go beyond training spokespeople on messages. Drill on gathering info, taking calls & adjusting.

ASSEMBLE YOUR BEST TEAM.* Yes, spokespeople and communicators, but also engineers, operators, lawyers and experts.

YESTERDAY MATTERS. SO DOES TOMORROW. Review yesterday’s coverage and plan for where the focus will be tomorrow.

CENTER ON CONSISTENT MESSAGES. A few good messages, updated daily, help keep public perception where you want it.

ADMIT WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW. Never fake or fudge. Be forthright, and if you don’t know, promise an answer soon.

LEARN FROM EXPERIENCE. As a crisis unfolds, learning opportunities abound. Pay attention and discuss as a team.

MANAGE YOUR BRAND’S RECOVERY. From Day One on, actively, strategically work to rebuild your brand’s reputation.

* One of the best ways to STAY CALM
is to rely on the messaging expertise
and crisis experience of Laer Pearce. 
It’s part of assembling your best team,
so make it Step 1 of your crisis plan.

LP&A values discretion, so we’ve kept names and clients confidential from these case histories.

  • “I truly believe LP&A has been the best addition to our team! Your brilliance, keen awareness of environmental matters, writing skills, though-provoking strategy contributions, impressive PR material and the stomach to deal with the media has made our team go from good to GREAT.”

    - Ron Metzler, Shea Homes
  • “Your campaign was well conceived, well executed and instrumental to our success. You did a great job of reading the community and our leadership was pleased the efforts came in under budget.”

    - Lyle Overby, Shapell Industries
  • “You guys [LP&A] are one of the most valuable team members I’ve worked with in my 10 years of entitlement communications experience.”

    - Jay Reed, DMB Redwood City, Saltworks, LLC
  • “Laer Pearce is one of the best PR guys in the Golden State.”

    - Hugh Hewitt, national syndicated radio host, author and blogger
  • “We appreciate your sage counsel and perspective. We appreciate the help from you and your team. You folks do a great job for the SMWD ratepayers.”

    - John Schatz, Santa Margarita Water District
  • “It’s so much easier taking punches when you’ve got great people in your corner coaching, supporting and rooting for your success. Your experience, dedication and support to during this trying time were invaluable.”

    - General Manager of an Orange County public agency
  • “We’re all quite pleased with how the media coverage of our environmental studies turned out. Your craftsmanship has proved quite fruitful and I wanted to say ‘Thank You!’”

    - Mark Subbotin, Newhall Land
  • “You have truly done some amazing work. I am quite impressed.”

    - Jana Kettering, Kennecott Land
  • “I’ve been a CVWD customer since 2003 and I would like to comment on how much I enjoy reading your Pipelines newsletter. I find it very interesting and just the right size. Keep up the good work.”

    - Cucamonga Valley Water District customer.
  • “Laer Pearce has one of the best strategic minds in Orange County public affairs and public relations – and besides getting the message just right, he makes the process of getting to victory enjoyable for everyone on the team.”

    - Lucy Dunn, President and CEO, Orange County Business Council
  • “LP&A was instrumental in helping us design and execute a strategic communications campaign that resulted in overwhelming local support and the unanimous approval of Tejon Mountain Village.”

    - Dave Crowder, Director of Government & Community Relations, Tejon Mountain Village
  • “Laer’s most important asset is a rare personal characteristic: wisdom. I have been in many team meetings with Laer, and witnessed his ability to see and communicate the best course of action.” ”

    - John Kain, President, Urban Crossroads
  • “I found Laer to be a sharp strategist with a creative mind who champions staying on message, on strategy and within budget.”

    - Andrew Daymude, Tejon Ranch Company
  • “I greatly appreciate Laer’s creative, and often cost efficient, approach to communicating complex issues in a meaningful yet simple manner.”

    - Marlee Lauffer, Vice President, Newhall Land
  • “Thank you again for your insights and guidance. I truly a cannot thank you enough. You are stellar in every way!”

    - Christina Noonan, Los Angeles Dept. of Water & Power Commissioner
  • “I wanted to thank LP&A for your considerable contributions to this project. Our successful implementation of water budget rates was due to your thoughtfully designed and well executed outreach plan. Great work!”

    - Tim Barr, Western Municipal Water District
  • “You bring an unique skill set to our team. I appreciate your insight and strategic thinking.”

    - John Vander Velde, Shea Homes

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