Build my brand – on paper and online.

Your brand – that is, your organizational DNA mixed with your publics’ perception of you – is best built through believable messages and strategic positioning with help from the experts at LP&A. Why? Because a new logo is nice, but it must be paired with the right message and the right actions if you want to influence opinion.

Yes, we did in fact build the world’s largest burrito – Guinness certified! – to strengthen a restaurant brand, but we also established a bunch of dirt engineers as a leading regional geotechnical firm. And we’ve expanded the brands of major public agencies into social media. Brochures, Web sites, direct mail, logo development, naming, blast e-mails, Facebook pages, advertising – you would expect us to do them well, and we do.

What sets us apart is our strategic thinking. Creativity is a must when it comes to branding. But strategic creativity – that’s a real winner!

Laer Pearce
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The Irvine Company

‘Planning Ahead’ Community Newsletter

To reinforce The Irvine Company’s brand as “smart planners” of its massive land holdings, we re-introduced a modernized version of a long-dormant quarterly city-wide newsletter. Each themed issue built The Irvine Company’s image as a great planner – be the topic transportation, schools, open space or even shopping.

Laer Pearce
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Cucamonga Valley Water District

Launching a New Identity

LP&A guided this regional water agency’s re-branding and outreach efforts as it transitioned to its new name. We created a new logo and supporting materials, and informed customers, vendors and industry officials through media, mailings and a name-change ceremony at the district’s headquarters.

Laer Pearce
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Kennecott Land

Creating a Brand to Span the Decades

Embarking on an 80-year effort to develop its 90,000-acre land holdings in Salt Lake County, Utah, Kennecott Land needed an identity that captured its beliefs, commitment and vision. LP&A helped to validate the company’s name and craft its brand identity, which we then captured in a narrative that was used to introduce the company to the community.

Laer Pearce
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Santa Margarita Water District

The King of Conservation and His Crew

People, especially kids, aren’t typically enthused when told to conserve water, so we created a series of cartoon mascots for SMWD – the King of Conservation, Peter Purple Pipe, Shane Sprinkler and Sally Showerhead – who spread a conservation message in a fun way that got noticed and produced results.

Laer Pearce
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Pacific Bay Homes

Branding One Ford Road

We helped create a vision and messaging for the new community of One Ford Road in Newport Beach – one of exclusivity, creativity and quality. Only one ad ever ran for One Ford Road, because a powerful brand built super-strong word-of-mouth, making it the most successful new Orange County community of its era.

  • “I truly believe LP&A has been the best addition to our team! Your brilliance, keen awareness of environmental matters, writing skills, though-provoking strategy contributions, impressive PR material and the stomach to deal with the media has made our team go from good to GREAT.”

    - Ron Metzler, Shea Homes
  • “Your campaign was well conceived, well executed and instrumental to our success. You did a great job of reading the community and our leadership was pleased the efforts came in under budget.”

    - Lyle Overby, Shapell Industries
  • “You guys [LP&A] are one of the most valuable team members I’ve worked with in my 10 years of entitlement communications experience.”

    - Jay Reed, DMB Redwood City, Saltworks, LLC
  • “Laer Pearce is one of the best PR guys in the Golden State.”

    - Hugh Hewitt, national syndicated radio host, author and blogger
  • “We appreciate your sage counsel and perspective. We appreciate the help from you and your team. You folks do a great job for the SMWD ratepayers.”

    - John Schatz, Santa Margarita Water District
  • “It’s so much easier taking punches when you’ve got great people in your corner coaching, supporting and rooting for your success. Your experience, dedication and support to during this trying time were invaluable.”

    - General Manager of an Orange County public agency
  • “We’re all quite pleased with how the media coverage of our environmental studies turned out. Your craftsmanship has proved quite fruitful and I wanted to say ‘Thank You!’”

    - Mark Subbotin, Newhall Land
  • “You have truly done some amazing work. I am quite impressed.”

    - Jana Kettering, Kennecott Land
  • “I’ve been a CVWD customer since 2003 and I would like to comment on how much I enjoy reading your Pipelines newsletter. I find it very interesting and just the right size. Keep up the good work.”

    - Cucamonga Valley Water District customer.
  • “Laer Pearce has one of the best strategic minds in Orange County public affairs and public relations – and besides getting the message just right, he makes the process of getting to victory enjoyable for everyone on the team.”

    - Lucy Dunn, President and CEO, Orange County Business Council
  • “LP&A was instrumental in helping us design and execute a strategic communications campaign that resulted in overwhelming local support and the unanimous approval of Tejon Mountain Village.”

    - Dave Crowder, Director of Government & Community Relations, Tejon Mountain Village
  • “Laer’s most important asset is a rare personal characteristic: wisdom. I have been in many team meetings with Laer, and witnessed his ability to see and communicate the best course of action.” ”

    - John Kain, President, Urban Crossroads
  • “I found Laer to be a sharp strategist with a creative mind who champions staying on message, on strategy and within budget.”

    - Andrew Daymude, Tejon Ranch Company
  • “I greatly appreciate Laer’s creative, and often cost efficient, approach to communicating complex issues in a meaningful yet simple manner.”

    - Marlee Lauffer, Vice President, Newhall Land
  • “Thank you again for your insights and guidance. I truly a cannot thank you enough. You are stellar in every way!”

    - Christina Noonan, Los Angeles Dept. of Water & Power Commissioner
  • “I wanted to thank LP&A for your considerable contributions to this project. Our successful implementation of water budget rates was due to your thoughtfully designed and well executed outreach plan. Great work!”

    - Tim Barr, Western Municipal Water District
  • “You bring an unique skill set to our team. I appreciate your insight and strategic thinking.”

    - John Vander Velde, Shea Homes

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